Our Highly Recommended Service in Child Day Care

Are you hesitant to hire a babysitter to watch over your kids while you’re away from home? If so, you must make time to look for a highly reputable agency to serve you. Hiring a child day care agency which is based near you is wise-thinking. In Antioch, CA, our well-known child day care center is the best that you can find to cater to your specific children’s needs when you’re not around. Being the nearest licensed child care agency near you, we can efficiently respond to your specific needs every time. Find out how responsible our team of professionals can help when taking care of your children. Don’t stop reading!

If you are looking for a child day care service that genuinely cares, we are the right agency choice for you. Every professional from our team at Vicky's Day Care has a clean and impressive service record. You can contact our previous clients to ask how well we perform our job. Our child day care program is properly designed and organized to cater to the needs of your child whenever you’re away from home.

Most parents all around Antioch, CA have been relying on our child day care services since the establishment of our business 11 years ago. With great dedication and commitment in the work that we do, you rest assured that your child is under the best professional care. Don’t hesitate to hire us to watch over your child while you are away, at work. Hire us today and you will never regret your decision. For personal consultations and estimates, visit us at our company office today.

Never settle for less when it comes to the welfare of your kids. Choose to trust a child day care center that has already proven great professionalism and dedication in service. Have an additional peace of mind by bringing in your kids to us at Vicky's Day Care while you’re away for the day.

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